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  2. Economic overview

    Main Economic indicators 2014
    Indicator  Unit  Value
     GDP growth % 2.4
     Inflation % 3.2
    Fiscal Deficit % of GDP -0.1
    Exports US$ billions 39.3
    Imports US$ billions 40.8
    External Debt 2014 31.7
    International Net Reserves US$ billions 62.3
    Population Millions 30.8
    Unemployment % 5.6
    Exchange rate S/. per US$ 2.84 
  3. Peru & the Netherlands

    Trade Flows (Millions of USD)
    Year  Exports to the Netherlands Imports from the Netherlands
    2010 819 92
    2011 1,033 112
    2012 681 170
    2013 785 155
    2014 928 161
    Source: Sunat - PERU


Peru's country risk improves seven basis points



After the recent Presidential elections, Peruvian country risk is situated below the Latin American average (EMBI Latam) of 3.93 percentage points. It fell nine points from the previous session. Peru's country risk closed its last session in June 28 at 2.23 percentage points; adjusted after closing down seven points from the previous session, according to the EMBI Peru estimated by JP Morgan Investment Bank. The countries of the Pacific Alliance reported the lowest risk: Peru with 2.23 percentage points, followed by Mexico (2.31 points) and Colombia (2.84 points).






" Following a decade of record-high growth, Peru’s economy has remained strong and resilient despite the persistent global uncertainty, thanks to strong fundamentals, supportive terms of trade and sound policy management."


-  IMF Survey Magazine