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Ten largest projects under "Infrastructure for taxes" mechanism

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Infrastructure in Arequipa


According to a recent report, the regions of Arequipa, Piura and La Libertad are the ones that have used the mechanism “infrastructure for taxes” in their strategy for facilitating investments. According to ProInversión , Southern Peru Copper Corporation , Interbank and Backus are in the list of companies that have invested more money in the country using this mechanism .

The newspaper El Comercio has published a summary (in Spanish) of ten of the largest projects developed under this scheme which you can see following this link.

PROINVERSION: At least 27 projects will be awarded in 2016

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The Agency for Promotion of Private Investment (ProInversión) has informed that it has 27 projects in the pipeline to be awarded in 2016, 17 of which sum up to USD 5,996.2 million, while the remaining 10 (a few blocks) are being tested by that agency.

The portfolio consists of projects in infrastructure (9), electricity (3), hydrocarbons (2), agriculture (1), sanitation and health (4), real estate (1), prison management (2) Telecommunications (1) and mining (4).

Proinversión said that the Longitudinal de la Sierra Section 4, a USD 340 million dollars infrastructure project, will be awarded during the first quarter of this year. Likewise, in the same period, the agenct expects to allocate the Enery Plant of Quillabamba (Cusco), with an investment of USD 180 million; the LPG supply project for Lima and Callao by USD 250 million and the proposed mass use of natural gas for Central and South by another USD 350 million.

During the second quarter, PROINVERSION plans to award the Amazon Waterway project, with an investment of around USD 70 million. Similar plans are expected for the Railroad Huancayo - Huancavelica (USD 194 million dollars) Hydroelectric St. Gaban (438 million) and so-called electronic shackles (USD 9.2 million).

In 2015 Proinversion awarded 11 projects for a total of USD 748.9 million.

For more information, please visit PROINVERSION's projects porfolio

Opportunities for investment in industrial parks

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The National System of industrial Parks was set up by the government as a mechanism to contribute and to impulse the development of industrial parks in Peru. It promotes the implementation of industrial parks which will allow to articulate various actors from the public and private sector. it also aims to ensure the operational sustainability of these industrial parks in the long term.

There are currently 05 industrial park projects in development at national level in the departments of Piura, La Libertad, Lima, Moquegua and Tacna. In addition, the Program has an initiative to develop an industrial park in Ica.

For more information, you can download a presentation on the National System of Industrial Parks here.

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