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IMF: responsible and orderly economic policy allowed Peru to keep growing in 2015

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The Director of Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Alejandro Werner, said in a press conference that Peru has adapted its economy in an orderly and responsible way to the environment of lower commodity prices on the international market way, allowing the country to register some positive results.

According to the study “Latin America and the Caribbean in 2016: adjusting to a harsh reality” from IMF, Peru will lead this year's economic growth among the countries of the Pacific Alliance (AP) integrated regional bloc with Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

In turn, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Peru, Alonso Segura, stressed that the figures released by the IMF show that "the process of acceleration of growth is consolidated and this trend will continue in the coming months". He explained that this improvement was achieved because the government took steps, which could generate every month increased production.

Watch the full press conference here: Latin America and the Caribbean in 2016: Adjusting to a Harsher Reality